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Copyright Comments

TruxShare is a legal file sharing program, but it is not officially permitted if you choose using TruxShare to share copyrighted files without authorization. When you download TruxShare from, you agree to not use TruxShare for copyright violation.

Sharing files
All files that you share with TruxShare will be public and traceable. To check the files you're sharing, open TruxShare and click on "Shared Files" in the upper buttons toolbar. Folders (and sub-folders) will show the files you're sharing. To be legal, you need to have the owner's permission to share the files on file sharing networks.

Downloading files
Many applications other than TruxShare are utilized by many people to connect on the file sharing networks. You need to know that many users go against copyright law - downloading copyrighted files from such users means you're both breaking the law!

Our Privacy Policy
We value the privacy of our users. We do not log IP addresses and/or any other identifying information. Nevertheless, your Internet Service Provider (ISP) may be required by in charge authorities to disclose such information.




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